Dear Vinepires,

It´s not a real baby! 😉 This so-called Dutch-Baby pancake is my shortcut to heaven, especially on misty winter mornings… with a drop or two of maple syrup… hmmm… Your worries will melt away and your kids will ask for more! Here is the original recipe :

For one pancake, enough for 4 people :

– 1/2 cup flour

– 1/4 cup + 1/2 tablespoon brown sugar

– 1/4 tablespoon salt

– 1 teaspoon cinnamon

– 1 teaspoon vanilla

– 3/4 cup milk

– 3 eggs

– 2 tablespoons butter

– 1 banana in 1/4 inch slices

– Maple syrup for serving

Heat  the oven ( 425°F). In a medium cast iron or non-stick skillet, melt butter over medium heat and set aside. Put the all the ingredients, except for the banana, cinnamon and the sugar in the tablespoon into the blender (you could also use an electric mixer) and blend for about 1 minute, until foamy. Pour the mixture into the pan and top evenly with banana-slices. Combine the sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle it over the top. Bake for 20 minutes until golden and puffy and serve warm with maple syrup, voilà!

Enjoy this magical breakfast!

Your Vine Vampire

PS : Let me know in the comments how it worked out, did you add any secret ingredient? Mines are chocolate chips or nuts, chopped, with honey instead of syrup.


6 thoughts on “Cinnamon-Banana-Baby

    • Haha, it´s even better than it looks! 😉 I recomment it with milk chololate chips for kids, and a stong coffe for the grown ups! have fun with the recipe, and let me know how it worked out! ❤

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