Literature, Vampy times!

Adopt, don´t buy.

There was a cat,

Asking for a pat,

It was a stray.

Into my house

It brought one dead mouse,

I said : „Please stay.“

PS : Every year after the holiday season, many animals used as gifts end up in shelters. To make living presents is irresponsible. Please adopt animals instead of buying them, they are just as good companions, I know it first hand.


10 thoughts on “Adopt, don´t buy.

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing. I wish more people were aware of how many unwanted animals end up in shelters. If they are lucky, some of them will get adopted 😦 Personally all of my pets have been rescued or adopted. They are wonderful, sweet, loyal companions.

  2. I totally agree! If you acquire a pet, you have a huge responsibility towards it, so I find it extremely upsetting to see an abandoned animal without the human love and care it has come to depend on. The only reason I don’t have a pet is because of my current situation, but I’ll make up for it one day!

    • I love how you put it, we really take on a commitment as protectors and caregiver, for the entire lifespan of our pets! I find it so admirable that you abstain from adopting a companion right now, be proud of your intergrity 😉

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