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Dear Vinepire,

Do you remember watching the make out scenes in your favourite movies as a teenager, or reading steamy dialogue in a piece of erotica and secretly wondering : “How could they do this, knowing that their friends, siblings, spouses, their kids will get to see this?”. Sometimes, I feel the same way about blogging, and I know, there are no kissing scenes on this blog.

But back to the artists : how can they reveal so much about themselves, and I don´t mean nude scenes, but core beliefs, painful memories, dreams, while throwing their work into the public eye? As everyday people, we are bound to social conventions (to a point where we use preconceived opinions about the most mundane things) and to a sense of privacy. We instinctively keep things secret, just for the sake of secrecy. What would that stranger do with information that has only meaning to me, because it is mine? I would still never tell anyone except trusted friends about the day I stood up in front of my literature class and read, without noticing the slightest of sous entendres, a poem by Baudelaire featuring a woman dancing like a snake at the end of a stick… Just to end up listening to a long and elaborate praise from our teacher about the beautiful erotic imagery… I felt like the biggest creep in the universe, and did not look my professor in the eye for at least half of the school year… so yeah, embarrassing would be the word. And yet… I tell it to you, Vinepires… because I am anonymous. But most writers don´t use a pen name, just look at authors of erotica, like 50 Shades of Grey or the Sleeping Beauty series (although Anne Rice started publishing this one under another name, she soon revealed her real identity as author of the work). And there does not seem to be much embarrassment involved…

I admire them for doing it, but just don´t understand the mechanics of that process, and so I turn to you, dear reader, for an explanation for this phenomenon. Why is there no place for blushing, once something is brought into the spotlight?

Thank you so much for reading,

Your Vine Vampire

PS : And don´t hesitate to share some embarrassing stories of yours, I´m feeling left alone here!

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Unconditional Love

Dear Vinepire,

One of the reasons the vampire is such a versatile symbol is, in my mind, its connection to family life. And please don´t worry about my childhood here! I will explain.

So when we think of vampire romance, it gets easy to get the kinds of love involved all tangled up and get confused. See, if you had to move to Forks and get involved with the hottest guy in town, who also just so happens to have the urge to jump to your throat, it is likely you believe your love for that sparkling creature to be unconditional. Bella loves Edward despite who he is, but that is far from unconditional devotion. See, if he stopped behaving like a gentleman from another century and treated her even more badly than she already lets him, if he showed cruelty towards her family, she would (hopefully) not feel that way anymore.

Now look at her father. Despite having been a responsible parent, he got cut out of her life because she could not stand the weather in this part of the country. He forgave her the moment she needed a place to stay, and since, tolerated patiently her dependent and risky behaviour. He supported her during her break down, and went as far as tolerating the presence of the vampire who left his daughter in that state, just because it made her cheer again. He loves her despite the way she treats him (and she went as far as reenacting her parent´s break up), because of whom she is : his child. If she were the kid next door, he would not care, because he loves her conditionally.

Now look at the families around you. Parents love their children no matter what they were to do, but what about the partner? They do not love each other because they are in this union, but because of the kindness, generosity and respect they showed each other in the good and the bad times. They love conditionally in each case. So why does the first kind of love we ever experience seem so superior, more reassuring and giving than a steamy romance? Maybe, because we did never have to actively earn our family´s affection, it was enough to be born. In addition, we can be sure that we will be loved until the end of time, no matter what lifepath we choose. I loke to think of this as a gift, and of the love of our romantic partners and friends as a reward. We got the frist, because it gave people happiness to make us happy, and the second, because we have made others feel this way.

While I see both of those loves as necessary and am thankful for their presence, I can´t help but feel like there would be more joy in relationships if we were more open to give presents to, rather than award our loved ones…

Thank you so much for reading,

Your Vine Vampire

PS : What do you think about these kinds of love?

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Adopt, don´t buy.

There was a cat,

Asking for a pat,

It was a stray.

Into my house

It brought one dead mouse,

I said : „Please stay.“

PS : Every year after the holiday season, many animals used as gifts end up in shelters. To make living presents is irresponsible. Please adopt animals instead of buying them, they are just as good companions, I know it first hand.


You can´t judge the quality of your own writing.

Dear Vinepire,

Did you know what those other writers are saying behind your back? Because I do : you don´t know the true quality of your work! Now don´t be shocked, but I think it might be true…

Here´s the deal. Your words spill out from under your fingertips in a stream so vivid, you can almost feel your ideas flowing. No matter how thoroughly you edit, there will always be some of that heat in your work, forever. And that is probably my favourite thing about the craft, which allows the everyday person to create that sort of hocrux for their imagination. The downside, however, comes into light the moment you compare your take on the book with other´s.

They have not carried those images inside of them, did not let them into the world with as much anguish, and so lack that emotional attachment to the words you so cherish. Don´t hold a grudge against these poor souls, they don´t know any better. Instead, do the only thing in your power and step back from it all. To pass the time during the first storm of readers following your books début (be it in the family circle or on the best-seller list), sit down and remember which work Dickens thought was his best, then laugh about it.

Now whether you decide to open to criticism or not is your decision, but I recommend to trust your opinion the most, even when you´re probably wrong. You will see things that aren´t there, ghosts of talent, shadows cast by mistakes. That´s the price for the privilege of writing what you think, how you think it should appear on the page. So, when those same illusions have set the creation-machine into motion, why should you walk away from something so effective? Trust your erroneous beliefs, and let them become the only ones with the power to make you accept constructive criticism. You´ll stay confident and become more open for advice. And in the end, you can´t know how good your book really is (let alone how long this label will stay with it as the years go by), so you can as swell stop bothering about it altogether.

Thank you so much for reading,

Your Vine Vampire!

PS : Do you remember by how many editors Harry Potter got rejected? That´s something that boosts my writing-confidence!