Salty French Toast

Dear Vinepire,

I could not get my mind of pain perdu since I wrote the las post, and I wanted to give the salt-loving of you something to fantasize about : crispy, spicy, hot and salty french toast! I have digged deep into my favourite food blog and found this little miracle here : But as always, I adapted the recipe to my taste, and played with a few variants, here comes the result.

For one person :

-1 free range egg

-2 slices of toast or old bread

– A handful of mushrooms (whatever kind you like)

-1 small onion

– Fresh or dried “herbes de provance” or any kind you like

– Olive oil

Heat a pan and add olive oil. Chop the onion into small squares and the mushrooms into thin slices and let them fry at medium heat for about 5 minutes. In the meantime, beat the egg and the salt together and let the bread absorb it completely. Pushing the onions and mushrooms to the side, place one slice into the pan and cover it with the fried mixture (not all must fit onto the slice). Top it with herbs and pepper before closing your sandwich with the other slice. Let it fry on each side for about a minute, and voilà! You have just made a perfect breakfast for weekends, which you can savour with ketchup or sorrel jam. My favourite variant of this recipe is adding chopped chilli pepper (about and inch) to the mixture.

Thank you so much for reading,

Your Vine Vampire

PS : The toast was so crispy that I could not resist cooking it for dinner as well… what can I say, I think I fell in love!