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Adopt an idea for your novel!

Dear Vinepires,

Have you already heard about NaNoWriMo? It is an online event taking place over the entire month of november (but gets often out stretched into summer sessions, and editing periods). During this time, writers young and old gather in front of their notebooks and write like crazy, trying to reach the contest´s goal : 50 000 words. That´s where the name of the National Novel Writing Month comes from. Along the road, usually grows a community, high on coffee and adrenaline, and people start to exchange ideas. They inspire each other in the so-called “Adoption Sections” of forums, where they gather and leave behind ideas for storylines, character flaws and even enchanted objects. The unfortunate thing about that exchange though, is that the forums get wiped out every year and all of that creativity fertilizer sinks into the ground leaving behind only vague regrets.

will you write the book you have inside?

Will you get inspired to write the book you carry inside?

I don´t want the inspiration to end this year too, and so I would like you, Vinepires, weathered NaNoWriMo veteran´s as well as newbies, to get your creative juices flowing. Let´s get together and create a place where writers can help each other do what they can do the best.

The principle is simple : everyone has the right to post in the discussion below his/her writing ideas. One only has to contribute if an idea standing below has gotten “adopted” for one´s own purpose. You are free to invent everything story-relevant, from a frightening setting to a fantastic beast or the unexpected twist in a love story.

Thank you for reading and writing with me,

Your Vine Vampire

PS : I leave behind : An antique book (a diary? a novel?) that each morning gets found with freshly melted candle wax on its cover, although no one seems to ever touch the book.

And : A character in the possession of a pocket watch, which he often consults without apparent reason. In reality, it does not show the time, because it stopped working at the moment something tragic happened to him. It has since become a constant reminder of his promise, to avenge his…


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