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Who made you write?

Dear Vinepire,

Who was the one? Come on, you know what I´m talking about. Was it your favourite young adult fiction writer (*ahem*, John Green) ? I guess it might also have been this brilliant journalist… Or that special someone, whose name you don´t pronounce in front of your parents. Are you maybe one of the lucky ones to have gotten the call from Stephen King´s page… or were it the classics who made you want to write?

If you came here, you probably felt this vocation at some point in your life, possibly too early to remember. But you became a story-teller, a writer. Did you ever wonder whose narrative voice woke that little, burning thing inside of you? I often ask myself how that first calling shapes people of the word, and so I ask you too :

Who made you a writer? And most importantly, how has that shaped your craft?

Thank you so much for reading,

Your Vine Vampire

PS : Although I never received a letter from Hogwarts, my passion for the magic of books got woken by J. K. Rowling… Thank you.


17 thoughts on “Who made you write?

    • Yeah! Go team Potter ❤
      You must have been pretty young though, did you know then already?
      And what about her writing was the most inspiring? I still remember how the plot just didn´t let me put the books aside… I think I learned a lot from her way to wave clues and plots in the story…

      • I was 11 when I read the first one, so the same age as Harry. ^_^ I didn’t know I wanted to write then, but reading the Harry Potter series definitely sparked my imagination and made me love books. The world she created in her writing is what I think is most inspiring for me. Diagon Alley has to be my favorite place because of all the strange items that are sold in the shops, but I like Hogwarts with its secret passages and ghosts a lot too.

        • That´s amazing! Oh my God, to have that experience must have been like an admission letter to Hogwarts 😉 I am so jelly of you!
          I absolutly agree on that, she has an eye for detail… I loved Diagon Alley too, it was like the very first time we entered this world. But my favourite would have to be Hogsemeade (just thinking about butterbeer… <3), and the feast scenes of course… I´m definetly thinking about food too much these days!

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